Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bathroom Improvements

Bathrooms are a very important component of a home as it is a place where you get yourself cleaned up and to clear your body of its wastes. It will be a daily visit, or more likely, visits as it is unlikely that you would only step foot into a bathroom only once a day. It is nice to have a bathroom that one feels comfortable with, looks beautiful, have accessories and essentials that are functional and easy to use, and if you want to impress visitors, perhaps you may even go for famous brand name items.

Lever basin tapRegarding easy of use, I should know. I have taps with hexagonal, almost round, "handles" (that thing you rotate to turn the tap on and off) and I find they can be difficult to rotate with wet, slippery hands. A tap like Hudson Reed Jade Lever basin taps would be very much easier to turn on and off, even with soap suds covered hands. Perhaps an even better choice may be Self closing or non-concussive taps. That hexagonal handle tap I mentioned above sometimes remain running unknown to me even after I think I have turned off the tap because the handle is a bit sticky. Not only would that waste water, having to touch the handle which may be laden with bacteria with already cleaned hands lead to dirty hands again. How nice it would be to have the tap turned off without me even touching it. It is also environmentally friendly to avoid unnecessary waste of precious water, especially as it is predicted that the world is very going to face a shortage of clean, fresh water in the not too far future if we continue with our wasteful habits.

If you made the mistake, like I did for one of my bathroom, of using beautiful but smooth floor tiles which can be extremely slippery and dangerous when wet, it would be very advisable to get a shower enclosure for the bathroom, especially if you have elderly folks in the house. Not only will that prevent much pain and sufferings, if someone slip and fall in such a bathroom without a shower enclosure, it can lead to a very costly affair.