Saturday, February 07, 2009

Termite inspection for a house

Your house should be inspected for pest. Of all the pest inspection, I think termite inspections are the most crucial. Look at the damage that termite can inflict upon a house below:

termite damage: Baclayon pipe
Photo of Baclayon pipe damaged by termites is property of Cealwyn

Termites can be very destructive and often work quietly unnoticed because the damage caused by termites are often beneath the surface of woodwork as they eat their way through the wood. It is only when damage is very severe that signs will appear on the surface.

How often should a house be inspected for termite? If the house have no termite problem, probably once a year would be sufficient. If you have found a colony and just eliminated it, then a termite inspection should be done once every three month. If there are termites in the neighborhood, then set up a bait and check every few months.